Content Archiving for eDiscovery

Content Archiving for eDiscovery helps you meet the ever-present demands of potential litigation, reduce the costs of e-discovery and improve the legal defensibility and retention processes.

Whether it’s knowledge mining, compliance regulations, risk management, or active litigation, there are multiple reasons why companies backup and archive information. When looking into your archiving process you will be faced with the challenges ranging from collection, consolidation, restoration to searchability and optimization for discovery.

Archiving allows firms too:

  • Dramatically reduce the time & cost of identifying and collecting ESI
  • Securely save & track email, documents, and social media in a central, searchable repository
  • Preserve relevant data that is subject to legal hold
  • Cull and filter unneeded data to reduce downstream legal review expense
  • Quickly & Efficiently retrieve and export relevant content for review
TERIS offers adaptable support at varying levels according to client needs, from extensive data storage to complex case review and analysis and computer forensics. To learn about how TERIS can assist you, reach out today!

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