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Data Security: Password Tips From Hackers

It’s no secret that malicious cyber activity costs businesses and the economy dearly. For small business, the cost and damage of a data hack can be irreversible. A staggering 81% of company data breaches are due to poor passwords. The good news is that by taking some simple but effective precautions in relation to passwords, businesses…

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12 eDiscovery Blogs for Legal Professionals (Updated)

The complexities of eDiscovery make constantly following recent eDiscovery news and developments a necessity for most legal professionals. EDiscovery is a part of all forms of litigation and continues to grow and evolve at an astounding rate. Fortunately, there are a number of blogs that track eDiscovery developments and we’ve compiled an updated list of…

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What Is A Legal Hold?

A legal hold, also known as a litigation hold, is the process by which an organization advises personnel when information must be preserved for potential litigation matters or investigations. The legal hold process ensures that information that could help to relevant to a dispute is protected until it can be collected for review or until the matter is resolved

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