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Who’s Dominating the eDiscovery Software Market Today?

Special Blog Post By Peter vR Sternkopf, TERIS CTO In the very early days of eDiscovery, the market was defined by several independent software providers, utilized for the most part directly by law firms. As the technology and market have changed, several of these smaller providers have either vanished or been consolidated into larger companies.…

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eDiscovery – Ten Hard Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Next Vendor

Litigation support services and eDiscovery tools must be handled by experienced professionals to create a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective. The problem is, unless you’re an expert yourself, it’s difficult to know exactly what questions you should be asking in order to determine whether your vendor is qualified for your case. Here are…

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Pros and Cons of Managed Litigation Support Services Model

An increasing number of litigation teams are turning toward managed services as a way to handle the more complex facets of the litigation process. By choosing an experienced litigation support services provider, legal teams are able to focus on the core of the case, rather than spending time managing paperwork. However, as with most business…

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