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12 Finalists Named for Global Legal Hackathon

The Global Legal Hackathon is a non-profit organization that organizes law schools, law firms and in-house departments, legal technology companies, governments, and service providers to facilitate innovation in the legal industry – across the globe. It brings together the best thinkers, doers and practitioners in law in support of a unified vision: rapid development of solutions…

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Why Mobile Data Matters in Litigation and Investigations

Why Mobile Data Matters in Litigation and Investigations Extract from article by ACEDS by George Socha & Martha Louks Mobile devices, especially smartphones, have become home to all manner of data about what we do. That means they should be seems as a key potential source of potentially relevant electronically stored information. Smartphones have become ubiquitous.…

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Benefits Of Cloud Based Email Archiving

The rapid increase in the need for effective information governance is responsible for creating complex concerns both in terms of storage capacity and in security. Cloud-based email archiving is one solution that’s risen to the forefront as an option to better organize and secure business communication, particularly during eDiscovery. Managed services like cloud-based email archiving…

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