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At the very heart of TERIS is a strong connection to the legal industry as a whole, and the company’s reputation makes it a trusted partner for critical support projects. As the level of technology used during litigation increases, so does the overall amount of litigation. Legal teams struggle to keep up with the growing volume of data while trying to control the spiraling costs. Where traditional methods fail to keep up, TERIS provides the litigation support services that address these concerns effectively.

TERIS also ensures defensibility. Full transparency is provided along with lifecycle reporting in order to meet all necessary legal guidelines and reduce the possible risk of court-imposed sanctions.

TERIS has been at the forefront of the transition from paper documentation to the new era of paperless records and electronic discovery software. The professional services team offers counsel regarding data collection and relevance to more accurately estimate projected eDiscovery costs. Solutions are developed for each individual client in order to create repeatable processes, standardize procedures, provide case consistency, and make workflows more efficient. Many of the industry-wide standards currently in place are due to the innovative methods set forth by TERIS.

Optimize your eDiscovery. Find what matters, when it matters.

News & Events

February 2020

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December 2018

TERIS, a leading national eDiscovery provider, welcomes Richard Brosemer, Esq. as Sr. Discovery Consultant. Operating out of Saint Louis, the...

Recent Case Studies

November 2018

A large national healthcare management company with 46,000 employees and more than 30 locations nationwide came to TERIS requesting document...

September 2018

In its investigation of a large Internet commerce company, a state Attorney General’s office requested a search of 5,000,000 emails....

Recent Blog Posts

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February 2023

Social media has become a common source of evidence in...


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