Modern litigation demands the successful navigation of traditional, paper-based discovery and the rapidly expanding volume of electronically stored information. TERIS provides unparalleled electronic discovery services that help bridge the gap between traditional methods and new technologies. We provide early, in-depth information about your data so that litigation teams can make informed, timely decisions about their case.

There’s no question that using the right eDiscovery software realizes a substantial return on investment while providing accurate results. TERIS partners with best-in-breed eDiscovery technology companies, giving law firms and corporations access to powerful, secure, and highly scalable software. TERIS employs this software to provide extensive analysis of your data prior to processing it, then unrivaled processing speeds and accuracy once a relevant dataset has been identified. Using a combination of keyword filtering and conceptual culling, TERIS regularly delivers the following results:

In addition to evidence extraction, TERIS also provides extensive analysis and data processing, along with comprehensive search functionality to accelerate early case assessment.

Gathering evidence is only a small fraction of what makes litigation successful. The true key lies in determining which portion of the existing evidence is relevant, and doing so as rapidly as possible. This goal is most easily accomplished through an intelligent mix of keyword and concept searching. TERIS will customize an approach to your case that emphasizes this exact type of streamlined data assessment. Our goal is to provide your litigation team with enhanced visibility into your data, and therefore your case.

At TERIS, we make data a strategic asset – not a liability.

TERIS works with leading law firms and corporate legal departments. We provide sophisticated consultation-based solutions, state-of-the-art technologies and highly experienced project management.

Optimize your eDiscovery. Find what matters, when it matters.


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