Popular Social Media & Messaging Apps Ranked by Monthly Annual Users

By Josh Markarian | November 29, 2022

This post is an overview look at some of the most common social media and messaging apps to help provide a snapshot of the current space.  Ranked by Monthly Annual Users (MAUs), from Instagram and LinkedIn to TikTok and Reddit, here are the top social media and messaging apps by the numbers. 

How to Practice Safe Online Habits and Make Cybersecurity a Priority

By Josh Markarian | October 25, 2022

All it takes is one click for your cyber security to spiral out of control. It’s evident through an uptick in SPAM, data breaches, and phishing attacks that there is no better time than now to keep Cybersecurity at the front of mind. 

Testing Search Terms in ECA Workspaces to Streamline Review

By Josh Markarian | September 29, 2022

ECA Workspaces can be a valuable resource for legal teams to test existing search terms, identify new search terms, and reduce the amount of data ultimately being promoted to review.  

How Data Analytics can Empower Strategic Data Decisions

By Josh Markarian | August 26, 2022

The sheer volume of data is exploding, so much so that a puny one gigabyte of storage on one lowly flash drive could produce up to 100,000 pages of printed material. The data generated worldwide already has surpassed enough printed pages to comprehend.  

Litigation Readiness for Risk and Cost Management

By Josh Markarian | July 25, 2022

Manage cost and risk with consistent results. From SEC/FINRA investigations to complex litigation, don’t “go-it alone”… industry experts can assist with a winning data strategy and limit your exposure during the discovery process. 

Upcoming eDiscovery Industry Events Summer/Fall 2022

By Josh Markarian | June 29, 2022

With in-person events returning, there are several upcoming conferences that have been announced that cover topics of eDiscovery, review, and litigation support. Here are five upcoming events in the legal industry to consider if you are looking to expand your industry knowledge, learn about emerging trends and connect with legal thought leaders. 

5 Considerations for Digital Record Management

By Josh Markarian | May 26, 2022

In an increasingly technological world, enterprises can no longer afford to ignore the importance of digital records management. It’s not enough to simply convert paper files into PDFs and toss the physical records into a storage unit. If faced with eDiscovery, managed services give businesses the tools they need for effective discovery and defense. Yet,…

Content Archiving for eDiscovery

By Josh Markarian | May 20, 2022

Content Archiving for eDiscovery helps you meet the ever-present demands of potential litigation, reduce the costs of e-discovery and improve the legal defensibility and retention processes. Whether it’s knowledge mining, compliance regulations, risk management, or active litigation, there are multiple reasons why companies backup and archive information. When looking into your archiving process you will…

Checklist to Set Up a Successful Mobile Device Forensic Collection

By Josh Markarian | April 29, 2022

Here is a short list of questions to ask custodians upfront to help set your mobile device collection project up for success:

eDiscovery & Digital Forensics Podcasts to Follow in 2022 

By Josh Markarian | April 28, 2022

From Podcast Networks to individual shows, here are some of the best podcasts (in no particular order) focused on the topics of eDiscovery, forensics, ESI and more. Open your favorite podcast app and dive into some of the best legal industry topics available online. 

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