5 Reasons Why Digitizing Oversized Documents is Essential for Modern Organizations

By Josh Markarian | April 28, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to access and manage information quickly and efficiently is crucial for the success of any organization. Digitizing oversized documents is an excellent way to streamline document management processes.

Navigating Enterprise Data: Tips for Corporate Data Mapping

By Josh Markarian | March 30, 2023

For corporate legal teams, managing data effectively means understanding the organization’s data environment and implementing strategies for managing data throughout the discovery process. This is where data mapping comes in.

Maximizing the Use of Social Media Data in eDiscovery

By Josh Markarian | February 28, 2023

Social media data has become a crucial source of evidence in legal proceedings, this post covers how social media is integrated into the eDiscovery process.

Defensible ESI Data Integrity Starts at the Source 

By Josh Markarian | December 30, 2022

Data integrity is the maintenance and assurance of the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life cycle. Data integrity is a critical aspect to the design, implementation and usage of any system which stores, processes, or retrieves data.

Popular Social Media & Messaging Apps Ranked by Monthly Annual Users

By Josh Markarian | November 29, 2022

This post is an overview look at some of the most common social media and messaging apps to help provide a snapshot of the current space.  Ranked by Monthly Annual Users (MAUs), from Instagram and LinkedIn to TikTok and Reddit, here are the top social media and messaging apps by the numbers. 

How to Practice Safe Online Habits and Make Cybersecurity a Priority

By Josh Markarian | October 25, 2022

All it takes is one click for your cyber security to spiral out of control. It’s evident through an uptick in SPAM, data breaches, and phishing attacks that there is no better time than now to keep Cybersecurity at the front of mind. 

Testing Search Terms in ECA Workspaces to Streamline Review

By Josh Markarian | September 29, 2022

ECA Workspaces can be a valuable resource for legal teams to test existing search terms, identify new search terms, and reduce the amount of data ultimately being promoted to review.  

How Data Analytics can Empower Strategic Data Decisions

By Josh Markarian | August 26, 2022

The sheer volume of data is exploding, so much so that a puny one gigabyte of storage on one lowly flash drive could produce up to 100,000 pages of printed material. The data generated worldwide already has surpassed enough printed pages to comprehend.  

Litigation Readiness for Risk and Cost Management

By Josh Markarian | July 25, 2022

Manage cost and risk with consistent results. From SEC/FINRA investigations to complex litigation, don’t “go-it alone”… industry experts can assist with a winning data strategy and limit your exposure during the discovery process. 

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