There’s never just one source for gathering information, particularly for complicated fields like litigation support, eDiscovery and related subjects.

In fact, the more interconnected professionals in this field remain, the better prepared they are to serve their clients. Knowing who to ask when you don't know the correct answer yourself can be a crucial element to a successful outcome.

TERIS maintains a library of links to professional legal organizations such as the American Bar Association and the Association of Legal Administrators. There are also links for organizations related specifically to eDiscovery, such as the eDiscovery Institute. TERIS also has links to many relevant websites and publications, and several prominent blogs which deal specifically with matters of litigation support and eDiscovery.

Additionally, TERIS provides several internal sources for additional support, such as the TERIS official company blog and white papers.

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White Papers

Social Discovery – What Legal Professionals Need To Know

Corporate counsel and law firms are becoming increasingly aware of the treasure-trove of potential evidence available through social discovery. Gleaning information from Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds is the modern-day equivalent of hiring a private investigator to “tail” a target. Legal professionals need to be aware of the importance of social media discovery and work…

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What Are The Ethical Implications Of Social Media?

Many lawyers are accessing social media pages during the discovery process for witnesses and opposing parties alike as a matter of routine, using their findings to augment evidence and improve cross-examination techniques. But what are the ethical implications of such actions? In this whitepaper, we examine issues that legal professionals should consider when it comes…

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Initial Disclosure in a Terabyte World (3 Tips To Ensure Your Firm (or Company) Isn’t Caught Off-Guard)

Disclosure requirements are creating huge new challenges for firms and corporations in our rapidly changing digital world. Electronically stored information (ESI) literally surrounds us. Are you prepared? Download our legal technology whitepaper for a quick, easy-to-read overview of disclosure requirements – and recommendations how to make sure your company or firm is ready for this…

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