Disclosure requirements are creating huge new challenges for firms and corporations in our rapidly changing digital world. Electronically stored information (ESI) literally surrounds us.

Are you prepared? Download our legal technology whitepaper for a quick, easy-to-read overview of disclosure requirements – and recommendations how to make sure your company or firm is ready for this rapidly changing environment!

Learn 3 tips to ensure your firm (or company) isn’t caught off-guard!
Avoid costly mistakes made by other companies that have cost them (or clients) millions of dollars.
Learn how a multi-level approach to preserving and identifying ESI for a party’s Rule 26(a) disclosures is a smart strategy.
The challenge of identifying initial disclosures is one that can be met by leveraging the right strategies and technologies to comply with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Download our whitepaper and learn more today. Fill out the form to the right to download the free whitepaper.

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