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Machine Learning & E-Discovery

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence which evolved from the study of pattern recognition. Through the construction of algorithms, machines can make predictions on data versus following preprogrammed commands. What’s more, these algorithms can make independent decisions when new data is applied. As computer processing power improves, this technology can be applied to…

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Need A Business Email Archive Policy

It’s virtually impossible these days to conduct business without emails flying like crazy. From exchanging quick communications to sending projects and even legal documentation, email is a quick and easy solution for collaborating across the miles… or even to the next cubicle over. It seems odd, then, that there are still companies who fail to…

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TERIS Expands National Footprint With Addition of Phillip Reader

TERIS, a leading national eDiscovery provider, announces the addition of Phillip Reader as an eDiscovery Consultant based out of the greater Chicago area, operating in the Midwest. TERIS continues to grow its footprint organically by remaining at the forefront of enterprise-level information management and eDiscovery. TERIS works directly with corporate legal teams across a variety…

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