Managed Document Review

We understand the complexities that go into data intensive document reviews. As a result, we have developed extensive workflows, and standard operating procedures for staging, processing, reviewing, and producing data. Our experienced document review managers are knowledgeable and equipped to manage your review from information governance through data disposition.

Our managed legal review solutions are seamlessly integrated throughout all aspects of TERIS managed services including eDiscovery, Forensics, Hosting, and Production. At the end of the day, it is all about efficiency of workflows and communications. Our review teams run advanced analytics and reporting, feeding the information to your case team in real time. Accuracy across reviewers within one central environment means it's clean and transparent.

It's estimated that 70% of litigation costs are attributed to the document review stage. Additionally, the larger the dataset the more expensive and time consuming the review stage will be. To combat this, TERIS' eDiscovery processing and analytic workflows are proven to reduce review populations by an average of 30-40% more than traditional data culling and filtering methods.

We utilize industry leading review platforms and leverage the advanced integrated analytics of Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and Predictive Coding to streamline your review, promoting the most relevant information to your case. Our Document Review Managers perform ECA and sampling, utilizing threading and suppression to reduce the overall data population and increase relevance.

All review projects are staffed with Attorney’s, managed by dedicated TERIS Document Review Managers, and enacted with multi-staged QC workflows to ensure a defensible review. We offer various review programs to fill any procedural gaps you have in-house ranging from a full review including first and second pass to targeted solutions such as privilege and data privacy reviews.

TERIS Managed Review Solutions

  • Full Review
  • Single Instance Review (SIR)
  • Search Hit Only Review (SHO)
  • Data Privacy Review
  • Classification Review
  • Privilege Review/ Priv Log Review
  • Redaction Only Review

Customizable Workflows

  • Near dupe and immaterial file suppression to remove non-relevant documents
  • Threading in Nuix prior to review in Reveal or Relativity
  • Concept clustering and data visualization to summarize emails between custodians and connections, both inside and outside of the organization
  • MD5 hashing and intelligent unit batching
  • Document Coding: Responsiveness, Relevance, Issue Codes, Confidentiality, Privilege, Redactions, & more

Real-Time Review Reporting

Project Status Metrics

  • Total # of docs coded
  • Day-by-day document throughput
  • Document Per Hour (DPH) pace
  • Total hours billed in review platform
  • Total # of documents reviewed
  • Summary of all the coding choices

Breakdowns per Category

  • Responsiveness
  • Confidentiality
  • Privilege
  • Relevance
  • Issue Codes
  • Prevalence & Recall
  • Confidence Level (Margin of Error)

TERIS Managed Review Benefits

  • Analytical driven decisions cut down costs
  • QC Workflows and coding decision validations in place
  • 22+ Reveal & Brainspace Certifications across TERIS team members
  • Single billing point – no differentiation between different stages of review
  • Multiple law firms can work within a database in a controlled environment
  • Hibernate datasets you are not using and promote datasets relevant to your matter
  • Lock down permissions for a defensible work product
  • Reliable and fast attorney staffing and onboarding to your matters within 72 hours
  • Scale a document review infrastructure overtime as the matter grows

Security Matters to Us

TERIS operates under industry leading security standards. Along with maintaining certifications and compliance, we have various security measures in place to provide you with the confidence that your data is in the right hands.

We are SOC 2 Type 2 audited and certified, ITAR registered, and maintain compliance for EU-US Privacy Shield, HIPAA, and GDPR. All data is encrypted upon receipt and is stored on physical, offline servers behind an intruder lockout firewall with redundancy and data backups multiple times per day.

Additionally, within our review databases we have robust user security and lock down permissions, restricting how users login and what they see.


TERIS works with leading law firms and corporate legal departments. We provide sophisticated consultation-based solutions, state-of-the-art technologies and highly experienced project management.

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