The need for litigation support services is growing rapidly across multiple industries at the corporate level.

Insurance firms, financial institutions, and the healthcare industry have differing guidelines regarding document management against the potential of future litigation. TERIS delivers innovative, customized consultation solutions which are industry-specific, and are also capable of handling the more complex requirements of corporate litigation.

As corporations continue investing in new technologies to streamline their daily business, the rules regarding data preservation are changing. TERIS is well-versed in all current mandates and provides access to the latest tools in order to prepare businesses for potential litigation and the discovery process. As with other services from TERIS, focus is kept on the specific needs of the client in order to address their individual concerns. The unique needs of corporate counsel are handled effectively through a variety of available services from TERIS, increasing the preparation level for litigation needs at the corporate level.

Cyber security for electronic devices.


The need for litigation support services is growing rapidly across multiple industries at the corporate level.

Energy Industry Litigation

Over the last decade, the energy industry has undergone drastic changes. This trend promises to continue over the upcoming decade and likely longer.

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Healthcare Litigation Support

Although the implementation of electronic health care has increased the overall efficiency in the healthcare industry, the proper management of those electronic records is becoming a challenge.

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Financial Document Management

The recent turbulence in the financial sector has led to a demand for increased transparency from consumers and regulators alike.

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Legal Support Services

At the very heart of TERIS is a strong connection to the legal industry as a whole, and the company’s reputation makes it a trusted partner for critical support projects.

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In many ways, the government is behind private corporations as far as technology goes, yet governmental bodies are still bound by the same standards of eDiscovery as the private sector.

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Pharmaceutical Litigation Support

Healthcare professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry are facing numerous challenges. Strategies followed by manufacturers are often rendered vulnerable to multiple legal vulnerabilities:

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