TERIS is a full-service information governance and litigation support services provider founded in 1996, serving clients both within the U.S. and internationally through multiple offices.

It used to be that death and taxes were the only two constants in life. In this digital information age, you can safely add the exponential growth of data as a third, unyielding constant. As nearly 95% of all the records created worldwide are digital, corporations are being forced to invest more heavily in data governance know-how in order to safely navigate State and Federal regulation and high stakes litigation.

This is where TERIS comes in. For more than a decade, TERIS has been at the forefront of enterprise-level information management and eDiscovery. We work directly with corporate legal teams across a variety of industries – healthcare, technology, financial, insurance, oil and gas, and educational – to deliver repeatable, defensible, and scalable eDiscovery services.

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The TERIS Corporate Services model provides visibility into the eDiscovery process so that corporations are no longer blind to the process. Traditionally, most corporations rely on outside counsel to deliver eDiscovery services – and find that, as a result, their only insight into the process comes when they’re asked to pay a vendor invoice.

TERIS turns that model on its head – and gives control and consent back to the corporation. We do that by engaging multiple units in the corporate environment. By aligning Legal, Business, and IT – which traditionally operate as independent silos – we’re able to deliver a streamlined process that is informed by the needs of multiple stakeholders.

At TERIS, we recognize that successful businesses, both big and small, will continue to generate large amounts of data – data that is necessary for the business to remain competitive and profitable, but which also poses significant discovery risk. Our Corporate Services model is designed with your success in mind, to make it easier for your company to generate the data it needs to succeed without worrying about how you’ll handle the next investigation or litigation.

In short, TERIS is in the business of eDiscovery – so you don’t have to be.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics requires that data handling and analysis be performed only by an experienced professional with appropriate credentials. TERIS' digital forensics experts have the appropriate training, background, and credentials to properly execute any data mining unecessary for the discovery process.



TERIS provides unparalleled electronic discovery services that help bridge the gap between traditional methods and new technologies. We provide early, in-depth information about your data so that litigation teams can make informed, timely decisions about their case.


Project Management

TERIS has built its stellar reputation in the eDiscovery industry by focusing on three core pillars of strength: People, Process, and Technology. There's no question that having the proper blend of technology and operational processes to guide that technology has been extremely important to TERIS’ striking success.



At TERIS, we have helped to define current industry standards in the eDiscovery and Information Governance spaces through a longstanding commitment to hiring and developing thought-leaders and subject matter experts.


Repository Hosting

As an alternative to in-house systems, TERIS simplifies online document management with complete hosting and repository solutions. This approach enhances productivity while providing optimal access to documents even when teams are working remotely.


Document Imaging

TERIS offers complete digital document imaging and coding to translate existing physical documentation into a fully enabled searchable database. Sophisticated imaging systems and traditional page-by-page quality control on every project undertaken by TERIS has helped define new industry-wide standards.


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