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Words are not enough to sway a jury, particularly in a longer trial with several witnesses and large amounts of evidence. An effective trial presentation which includes color visuals, enlarged documents, or recreations of accident scenes can add drama to your spoken words and strengthen your case. Litigation graphics are the shortest route to translating counsel’s message to the jury. They make a lasting impression long after closing arguments have been made.

Charts and graphs, color enhancement, illustrations and other diagrams are all visual aids which can help win a case. Timelines and chronologies can help resolve any juror confusion about the order of events. PowerPoint presentations provide a visual and audio connection that may have a greater impact on jurors of the modern technological age. Part of litigation is telling a story to the jury, and adding visual aids to that story will help them to better understand the argument at hand.

Skilled at producing trial exhibits, TERIS offers quality reprographics and high-volume copying both in black and white as well as color. Documents may also be numbered and stamped for further organization. TERIS has the equipment to produce oversized documents and drawings as well as graphics reproduction, either from digital files or from originals. Images may be stretched or resized to each client’s specifications. Binding and mounting services are also available for a more finished product.

High-volume document file printing is also available, both in high-speed TIFF and PDF digital printing. TERIS double-checks every page prior to document completion in order to ensure accuracy and quality. Slip sheets may be per document or staple assembly. For native file printing, a slip sheet is included with the file path and file information for tracking purposes. Government contracts, bankruptcy mailers and other mass-printing and mass-shipping productions are also part of the litigation support services suite offered by TERIS.

TERIS works with leading law firms and corporate legal departments. We provide sophisticated consultation-based solutions, state-of-the-art technologies and highly experienced project management.

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