Native Review Benefits

Native Review Benefits

Native File Review with TERIS further REDUCES:

  • Labor costs for Firm associated with filtering and culling population to manageable size
  • Legal Assistant and Paralegal labor allowing them to focus on the case, not the production process
  • Amount of time required for search and retrieval of documents throughout the process
  • Expert Witness costs, significantly reducing document review
  • Total amount of time and costs for the Firm and Client

Additional Benefits of Native File Review Methodology

  • Reduces total cost of eDiscovery production and case management by processing in native format without TIFF conversion
  • Speed of processing and document availability help to assess the case early
  • Collaboration is greatly improved and costs are reduced with co-counsel and expert witnesses
  • Administrative/security tools define access and rights down to individual users and singular documents as required
  • Secure—pristine data archived four times daily in the event that something happens to your information
  • Manage the organization of the case more effectively with a database (e.g. build folders, tagging, notes, etc.)
  • Inexpensive means of producing to co-counsel or opposing counsel

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