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Underage Facebook Users Give a Whole New Meaning to 'Social' Media

Facebook has already altered society in ways we’re just now beginning to grasp. It has drastically altered the way we communicate by opening up diverse avenues of expression (think Likes, News Feed, Farmville, Mafia Wars etc) but it can also have a darker side. Take the recent Consumer Reports national survey for instance. According to…

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The Role of Technology in eCourts

No matter what you’re doing or what you need to have done, you cannot expect to get far without using the relevant technology to speed up the process. Why do you think local libraries have had to evolve to avoid becoming obsolete? Hardly anyone has the time nowadays to leaf through hundreds of pages of…

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Writer's Block? Check Out PhraseUp!

Today we’re going to switch things up a bit and not focus on legal issues and instead look at some interesting technology called PhraseUp. Don’t you just hate it when your joke comes to a sputtering end? Oops! The punchline to your favorite joke just went down the drain because you forgot the words to…

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