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3 Social Media Legal Cases Worth Watching

Just as the advent of social media has changed the face of communication, recent lawsuits are defining the new field of social media law. Here’s a few trends to keep an eye on. Fraley v. Facebook Inc. Fraley v. Facebook Inc. was filed earlier this year, over the “Right of Publicity.” This is the legal…

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The Most Valuable 2012 Legal Technology & eDiscovery Conferences

If you are considering which legal, legal technology or eDiscovery conferences to attend this year, you have come to the right place.  There are several conferences to attend in 2012 that will offer invaluable information and training.  This contains a list of events that range from the east coast to the west coast.  Professionals from…

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5 tips for cost-effective eDiscovery in small cases

Litigation newsletters, blogs and case law are full of cautionary tales about eDiscovery gone wrong. Hard drives that were reformatted, backup tapes that were lost and files that were never collected have cost dozens of companies millions of dollars in sanctions. In other cases, discovery disputes slow the pace of the litigation to a crawl,…

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