Content Archiving for eDiscovery

By Josh Markarian | May 20, 2022

Content Archiving for eDiscovery helps you meet the ever-present demands of potential litigation, reduce the costs of e-discovery and improve the legal defensibility and retention processes. Whether it’s knowledge mining, compliance regulations, risk management, or active litigation, there are multiple reasons why companies backup and archive information. When looking into your archiving process you will…

Checklist to Set Up a Successful Mobile Device Forensic Collection

By Josh Markarian | April 29, 2022

Here is a short list of questions to ask custodians upfront to help set your mobile device collection project up for success:

eDiscovery & Digital Forensics Podcasts to Follow in 2022 

By Josh Markarian | April 28, 2022

From Podcast Networks to individual shows, here are some of the best podcasts (in no particular order) focused on the topics of eDiscovery, forensics, ESI and more. Open your favorite podcast app and dive into some of the best legal industry topics available online. 

How E-Discovery Project Management Improves Efficiency and Processes During Discovery

By Josh Markarian | March 30, 2022

There’s nothing more important than having a strong advocate for your case. E-Discovery Project Managers see to it that your team is taken care of throughout the entire course of your matter. They are there to help you ensure deadlines are set and met, while also helping you avoid or adjust to unpredictable data.

E-Discovery Processing Workflows Explained – What is De-NISTing?

By Josh Markarian | March 23, 2022

De-NISTing is the standard eDiscovery practice of removing system files, and other non-user generated ESI from a dataset during the data processing stage. NIST refers to the acronym of National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Interesting IoT Statistics and How it Applies to E-Discovery

By Josh Markarian | February 25, 2022

Our daily lives are constantly evolving, and the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a massive role in that. Devices that were once standalone products such as the thermostat, vehicle sensors, medical implants, alarm systems, and garage doors can now all be networked to the internet. So, what exactly is the IoT?

Considerations for Building an Effective ESI Protocol

By Josh Markarian | February 15, 2022

Having a clear and straightforward ESI protocol in place upfront reduces back and forth time between counsel and overall discovery costs. Additionally, an effective ESI Protocol lowers the chance of disputes arising during discovery and ensures cooperation between parties.

OCR Basics – Converting Images to Searchable Text

By Josh Markarian | January 26, 2022

Optical Character Recognition, commonly known as OCR, is a term you hear frequently in the legal space when it comes to processing, reviewing, and producing documents. As with any tool, OCR should be used strategically and not blindly applied to entire data populations.

What to Expect During A Forensic Data Collection

By Josh Markarian | January 11, 2022

For those who do not work in digital forensics or deal with forensic data collections and investigations on a regular basis, the thought of going through a collection can be daunting. In this post, we will cover what to commonly expect when going through a forensic collection, both from the point of view of the vendor as well as the client and custodian.

Simplifying Review Databases – Repository Hosting In A Secure Environment

By Josh Markarian | December 27, 2021

TERIS understands the unique demands and processes legal teams require during litigation. As an alternative to in-house systems, TERIS simplifies online document management with complete hosting and repository solutions. Our systems allow us to quickly setup your database and deploy your case for review within hours instead of weeks. 

TERIS works with leading law firms and corporate legal departments. We provide sophisticated consultation-based solutions, state-of-the-art technologies and highly experienced project management.

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