How E-Discovery Project Management Improves Efficiency and Processes During Discovery

There’s nothing more important than having a strong advocate for your case. E-Discovery Project Managers see to it that your team is taken care of throughout the entire course of your matter.  

Project Managers are a tried-and-true way to improve efficiency and processes during discovery. From serving as a central point of communication to giving your team a direct line to a wealth of information, PMs oversee the details of a project allowing your team to focus on the case and legal strategy. Project Managers are there to help you ensure deadlines are set and met, while also helping you avoid or adjust to unpredictable data.  

Along with the added operational flexibility provided by the support of an eDiscovery Project Manager, PMs effectively help reduce the cost of your projects by managing the project on various fronts. This can include making on-the-fly cost management suggestions, working in tandem with a Forensic Collection Expert, managing the expectations of the court relating to discovery, and defensibly reducing the amount of data that gets promoted to Document Review. 

The everyday role of a Project Manager is hard to define, as every case is inherently different and requires solutions tailored around the specific case challenges. Additionally, Project Managers help fill any gaps your legal team may have in-house. Like how a float nurse will get assigned to the unit that is short that day, a strong PM is diversified and able to assist in various ways to help move a matter forward.  

This can range from performing data sampling and reporting, managing review databases and overseeing reviewers, and establishing project milestones and expectations, to designing and implementing standard discovery protocols, consulting with the client and counsel to develop strategies, and performing QC on projects. Having worked both with corporate in-house legal teams as well as alongside law firms, Project Managers bring another layer of experience to your case team. 

In Short, eDiscovery Project Managers benefit your case through: 

  • Better allocation of resources  
  • Enhanced flow of communication  
  • Compliance and risk management  
  • Case specific data driven decisions  
  • E-Discovery cost predictability  
  • 26F and opposing negotiation support  
  • Higher internal case profits