Benefits Of Cloud Based Email Archiving

The rapid increase in the need for effective information governance is responsible for creating complex concerns both in terms of storage capacity and in security. Cloud-based email archiving is one solution that’s risen to the forefront as an option to better organize and secure business communication, particularly during eDiscovery. Managed services like cloud-based email archiving offer five primary benefits to businesses.

1. Lower Cost

Cutting directly to the bottom line, it’s no exaggeration to say that email archive solutions can save a bundle due to a variety of factors. For one, there are no concerns about needing particular hardware or software; just like any other cloud-based solution, connecting to emails is available any time, from anywhere. This also means the elimination of equipment maintenance and upgrade fees, not to mention the high cost of maintaining a data center. At the same time, these savings don’t impact functionality; the majority of cloud-based email archive solutions offer infinite storage, which translates into total adaptability for each company’s unique needs.

2. Flexible Storage Management

One critical driver that’s essential for effective email archiving is whether a cloud-based system can actually improve management of that data. Cloud-based solutions easily flex up or down according to the needed capacity for a completely scalable answer to virtual storage needs. This is typically offered at a fixed per-mailbox fee, negating the need for constant hardware or software upgrades to find a system that’s able to keep up with internal company changes.

3. Improved Knowledge Preservation

Email has become the primary form of business communication as well as the go-to method for file transport. As such, the practice of sending emails, which used to be considered fairly casual, is now a virtual repository of important company data that needs to be preserved. With cloud-based email archiving, information is preserved in the cloud; even a hard drive crash won’t cause the loss of  all that hard work and shared knowledge.

4. Streamlined eDiscovery

With regards to eDiscovery, managed services like cloud-based email archiving have become a huge benefit. It’s rare for eDiscovery requests not to apply to email; cloud-based archiving means that concerns over data location and preservation are largely mitigated. Not only is information more reliably backed up in the cloud, but the type of integrated search and organization functionality that’s typically included in a cloud-based email archiving system make locating relevant data far simpler during eDiscovery. Managed services like email archiving also offer the capacity for better fulfilling any applicable document retention requirements during the discovery process.

5. Multi-layer Security

Data security needs to be addressed at three levels: physical equipment, data encryption and application. Keeping all three security levels up-to-date and compliant with current guidelines can be challenging and expensive with an internal IT department. Cloud-based email archive solutions often allow for higher levels of security than companies can steadily maintain on their own, keeping both interoffice and customer communications secure and protected.

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