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FTC Completes Review of CAN-SPAM Rule

Compliance & Governance Update: FTC & CAN-SPAM The Federal Trade Commission announced on February 12, 2019 that it has completed its first review of the CAN-SPAM Rule, which establishes requirements for commercial e-mail messages and gives recipients the right to opt out of receiving them. The Commission voted to keep the Rule with no changes. The…

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Need A Business Email Archive Policy

It’s virtually impossible these days to conduct business without emails flying like crazy. From exchanging quick communications to sending projects and even legal documentation, email is a quick and easy solution for collaborating across the miles… or even to the next cubicle over. It seems odd, then, that there are still companies who fail to…

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Is This the End for Email?

By Mike Frazier | Director, Information Governance, TERIS I attended a conference recently at which a panel of experts was asked to give predictions for information governance in the year 2020. Many of their responses were thought-provoking and they left me with more questions than answers related to the “internet of things” and controlling data…

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