Leveraging a Searchable Discovery Repository for Serial Custodians

Eliminate redundant data processing and document review with a searchable data repository that can be repurposed across multiple ediscovery projects. When dealing with ongoing matters, serial custodians and repeat clients whose data is relevant across multiple cases utilizing a searchable esi data repository can cut the time, cost and mitigate risk with a defensible process.

Through allowing you to access previously collected and preserved data you can now control new collections relevant to previous custodians and collect only new and relevant ESI. Additionally you are able to keep record of past coding decisions such as confidentiality and privilege when they reappear in a new case.

When you implement a “collect to produce” strategy and preserve all the data you collect along the way it allows for lower data volumes and allows you to implement a tiered strategy of phased discovery. You can perform pre-collection interviews with key custodians to immediately home in on the most relevant ESI.

Searchable Data Repositories also allow for collaboration across teams and through centralizing the ESI both internal and external users can work within the environment.

Security concerns to consider when choosing where to host your searchable data repository:

  • Is the hosting solution SOC-II Type 2, GDPR and Privacy Shield compliant?
  • What encryption process is there? 256-bit encryption is one of the most secure and commonly used methods.
  • Are there any private or dedicated connections from your office or on-premises environment enabled?
  • Is there two-factor authentication for every user type?

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