When should you look at an e-discovery platform?

Good post here about how corporations can lean on partners to identify and implement the best and most appropriate solution when (not if) the need arises for e-discovery.

The writer discusses what he had to do when approached by corporate counsel to pull together documents relating to a specific subject (3 times in one year).

He writes:

Instead of pulling valuable resources off of projects, I relied on a local partner to come in and perform the searches for me. The first one cost $10k, the second about $22k and the third was close to $35k and I still had to pull people off of projects to help out. These lawsuits plus the various human resources issues that IT is asked to help perform discovery on (i.e. insider information or sexual harassment) started adding up and threatened to revert my proactive IT team back to a reacting group of firefighters. There had to be a better way.

The rest of the post can be found here

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