With so many legal websites on the Internet, any lawyer may feel swamped when trying to find a site that he or she can frequent for information. If you are one of these people, view some of the following websites:

1. Legal Technology: This comprehensive blog is up-to-date with all the latest legal technology news. Find it at http://legaltech.law.com/.

2. LawJobs: Looking for a job in the field? Search for employment in your area or across the country at LawJobs, located at http://www.lawjobs.com/.

3. e-Legal Technology: This excellent site offers many different features. Sign up for webinars, look for upcoming events and even find jobs. E-Legal Technology has everything for the lawyer who wants to continue his or her education in the field. The website is located at http://www.e-legaltechnology.org/.

4. LexTweet: If you are one of the many Twitter fans, this community is a great digest of legal-minded “Tweeters.” Check it out at www.lextweet.com.

5. International Legal Technology Association: The ILTA has been sharing its knowledge and answering questions about the legal technology field for about three decades. Visit the association’s site at http://www.iltanet.org/.

6. The Orange Rag: This website considers itself as “The Legal Technology Insider.” While the ads are a little distracting, the content is informative. You can also sign up for RSS feeds. Visit the Orange Rag at http://theorangerag.com/.

7. The Mac Lawyer: Apple has changed the way people communicate. This site keeps its readers abreast of the latest in all of Apple’s technologies, including apps for the popular iPhone. Check it out at http://www.themaclawyer.com/.

8. e-Discovery Law Review: This website offers great analysis of the latest legal technology news. Visit it at http://www.ediscoverylawreview.com/.

9. Discovery Resources: Discovery Resources is your one-stop site for best practices, a library of information and links to communities. Visit it at http://www.discoveryresources.org/.

10. The Sedona Conference: This think tank aims to advance all areas of law, including legal technology. Read more about their mission and more at www.thesedonaconference.org/.

Of course, there are many more websites out there to suit your interest. As the legal technology field grows, expect more sites to pop up in the very near future.

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