Following trends in any market or industry has become increasingly easier with the help of social media, especially sites such as Twitter, Google+, and even Facebook. However, Twitter seems to be the best bet when it comes to finding news and the newest information about eDiscovery and law.

twitter logo 2 resized 600Sifting through all of that information, however, can be a bit time consuming. That’s why we made a list of some the best tweeters to follow on Twitter in the field of eDiscovery and legal technology. And yes, some of these tweeters are TERIS competitors – but we believe in providing our followers with a diverse range of views and know it’s impossible to track all aspects of the legal industry without having a wide range of information sources.

Of course, make sure you follow @DiscoverTERIS as we tweet eDiscovery and legal industry updates daily.

And here are some others you should add to your “follow” list:

  • Legal Aware (@legalaware)
    More generalized news, but, still provides enough updates and information that is humorous and entertaining.

  • Rob Robinson (@complexD)
    Rob is a eDiscovery professional (and industry VP/Marketing) working out of Austin, Texas, who is quite active (and informative) on Twitter.

  • Applied Discovery (@discoveryapplied)
    Looking for articles to learn more, or, to add to your knowledge? Applied Discovery provides a variety of tweets on various topics.

  • Integreon (@integreonedd)
    Another solid profile for news and articles, instead of just witty banter. Integreon is also a US-based company.

  • eDiscovery Journal (@ediscjournal)
    If following companies for news doesn’t sound all too fun, there is a website and online publication completely dedicated to information management.

  • Exterro Inc. (@exterro)
    Though another company, Exterro won’t tweet as much and flood the Timeline with information.

  • Peg Duncan (@pegduncan)
    For less of a “company” voice and more of a personal one, look for Peg’s profile on Twitter. She works and lives in Canada and provides some great information.

  • E-Discovery Beat (@ediscoverybeat)
    Much like eDiscovery Journal, but also provides information for webinars and other useful information.

  • Joshua Gilliland (@bowtielaw)
    One of our true favorites, Joshua is a fun and interesting tweeter to follow. He tweets (and blogs) about law as an working attorney and the intersection of technology and law.

  • (@lawdotcom)
    This one may sound pretty obvious considering the name, but, a lot of legal professionals tend to forget about this one.

  • Advanced Discovery (@advdiscovery)
    Learn all about the different faucets of data collection, electronic discovery, and other legal advice with Advanced Discovery and their active Twitter feed.

  • Clearwell (@clearwell)
    This Mountain View, California company (and TERIS partner) tweets about analysis, review, processing, and other key parts of electronic Discovery.

  • Nuix (@nuix)
    Another TERIS partner, Nuix is based out of both San Francisco and Sydney and provides great information about management technology and implementing it.

  • Legal IT (@legalit)
    As the name suggests, this Twitter account is at the crossroads of the legal world and Information Technology (IT). Their commentary includes news, informative articles, and even job leads.

  • Law Technology News (@lawtechnews)
    Again, a pretty up front Twitter account with all of the latest news, reviews, and people within the world of law and tech.

  • Law Practice Management (@lawpracticetips)
    Law Practice goes into the marketing, advertising, and technology aspect of attorneys, paralegal, and the like.

  • Forensic Focus (@forensicfocus)
    Slanted more for professional advice rather than overall, general news and tips, Forensic Focus still provides some sound information.

  • Enterprise Vault (@enterprisevault)
    Part of Symantec, Enterprise Vault tweets regularly on, as they say, “all things archiving…”

  • David Horrigan (@davidhorrigan)
    Founder of, journalist, attorney, and analyst for The 451 Group, Horrigan’s insight is quite informative and valuable.

  • Monique Altheim (@moniquealtheim)
    Another very informative person to follow on Twitter, Monique tweets about eDiscovery, social media and even mobile app development.


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