Tips To Determine The Effectiveness Of Your eDiscovery Tools – Part 2

2_eDiscovery Tools

In addition to handling cases of all sizes, the best eDiscovery tools will offer enough flexibility to meet the particular needs of each case, regardless of what those needs may be. For example, one case may involve a large volume of document review while another could require advanced computer forensics. The ideal eDiscovery vendors will have access to a wide array of tools in order to best resolve the eDiscovery challenges of their clients. At the same time, vendors should neither up sell services that aren’t necessary nor present only limited offerings. Finding the right balance is key.


Defined Processes

Defensible, repeatable processes are a must for any litigator who expects to submit evidence gathered via eDiscovery. Evaluating this standard serves as another excellent benchmark for counsel to use in determining the efficacy of existing eDiscovery tools. Evidence that a vendor is well-versed in using sound practices and methodology include the use of consistent documentation notation, objective assessment criteria and accurate predictions of time and cost.

Having well-defined procedures in place will go a long way to overcoming any eDiscovery challenges that may arise before or during litigation.

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