Tips To Determine The Effectiveness Of Your eDiscovery Tools – Part 1

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While having some type of litigation support to assist with eDiscovery is a must for most cases these days, it can be hard for counsel to evaluate just how effective those tools are. Choosing eDiscovery tools that are both efficient and cost-effective is a must, especially considering the fact that discovery often accounts for the majority of total litigation costs. Yet, finding the right tools from the right vendor is one of the biggest eDiscovery challenges today. Here are a few tips that can help form an objective evaluation.


Potential Vendors’ Stability

Expense remains one of the primary eDiscovery challenges for today’s litigators and clients. A less-than-knowledgeable vendor will certainly drive those costs higher, while one with more expertise will help control free-ranging expenditures. To avoid this risk, choose a vendor that is staffed with highly trained and experienced personnel. Other factors, like a low turnover rate and stable financials, should also be looked to as good indicators of a company’s internal stability.

Scalable, Flexible Infrastructure

Tools should be equally accessible for larger firms that typically handle more involved cases as they are for smaller partnerships and solo practices. The best eDiscovery solutions are scalable, not only to meet the needs of different firms but also to address the varying case sizes present within each firm as well. eDiscovery challenges can be more successfully resolved through the use of tools that are scalable up or down, according to the necessary basics of each particular client, case or practice.

Look for more tips in Part 2. If you would like more information about eDiscovery or how TERIS solutions can assist you, please contact us!

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