TERIS salutes Women in eDiscovery

TERIS congratulates the organization “Women in eDiscovery” for the hard work, fortitude (and success) they’ve exhibited since their founding four years ago. Their four year anniversary marks a stepping stone in their mission to see women in the industry take greater control of their careers and expand the number of opportunities for women interested in the field.

Women in eDiscovery has opened the eyes of many since its founding.

Even though it’s sometimes difficult to remember, until recently, women have lagged behind men in the legal technology industry (and still do in many regards). And what started as a handful of meetings with only a handful of attendees has now grown dramatically – the organization hosts large networking and educational events throughout the country and have secured some of the top names in the industry as sponsors and supporters.

The organization has grown to over 5000 members since its founding and also boasts more than 30 chapters. Each is operated on a different scale but is governed by the rules and regulations of the national organization. Women in eDiscovery also ensures that each member is provided plenty of opportunities to grow and develop in their respective fields by holding monthly luncheons. These are held specifically to provide women involved in different fields of electronic discovery to share their experiences and advice via presentations.

Since its inception in 2007, Women in eDiscovery has spread globally. With more than 5000 members spread over 30 chapters across the globe, this organization has provided ideal opportunities for women to discover and contribute their own expertise in a field that was previously dominated by men only.

Technology will rapidly progress and opportunities will continue to emerge for women interested in careers in eDiscovery and the legal industry thanks in part to the pioneers who are building Women in eDiscovery.

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