TERIS helps Washington Food Bank Gather/Store More Food

When we went through our name change earlier this year, we faced a challenge common with other companies switching brands and identities: what to do with all of the stuff that had our old name? 

Most notably, we had thousands of unassembled boxes (that usually are used to deliver and/or store legal documents with clients) that had our old name and logo.

FISH Letter Carrier Food DriveAfter trying to donate them to various local non-profit organizations, we received a great idea from a stranger via CraigsList: Why not donate them to a Food Bank? They probably could use them somehow.


Fortunately I had a connection – my Dad runs a food bank in Vancouver, Washington. I contacted him and asked if they would be useful and he gladly accepted. A week later more than 2,000 flattened boxes arrived at their storage facility.

A recent food drive held in conjunction with the US Post Office brought in lots of food – and fortunately FISH had a way to easily store and categorize it. “These boxes were a real life-saver for us,” said FISH Vancouver Executive Director George Kaufer. “I’m glad you put these boxes to use instead of simply tossing them out or recycling the cardboard.” 

We’re glad we could help – and will continue to look for ways we can continue to give back to non-profit organizations and communities we serve.

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