Some apps to consider for your iPhone

Now that the iPhone has changed the way people communicate and conduct business daily, the legal industry has taken notice. There are many different apps one can download upon getting a new iPhone. Take note that the iPhone already comes with apps that are helpful such as its Mail for email, contacts, and maps.

Check out the following third-party applications take literally takes the information you need to your fingertips.

1. Jott for iPhone: Need to write down information but are on the go? Jott is a great app that is a voice recorder that translates your spoken word into text. Even if you need to transcribe conversation, this app is perfect for anyone in the legal field. Find it at

2. iProcrastinate: The name of this app is very misleading; it can help you manage your time. Schedule your appointments and give them color codes if needed. Find this app at

3. Cliff Maier reference apps: Forgot a law? No problem. The Cliff Maier reference apps give you info regarding all laws, Rules of Civil Procedure and many more to help you get a refresher on what you need to know. There are many different reference apps available at the iTunes store.

4. Google Mobile App: Think of it as the Google you can talk to. All a user has to do is tell whatever it is he or she is looking for, and the app will pull the information up for you. It’s very helpful for the busy lawyer on the go. Purchase this app at

5. Evernote: Like Jott for iPhone, this app also can type up your notes as you speak. You can also store photos. An added bonus is that you can access the information from any computer and that it is backed up. Purchase this app at

While some law firms and corporations have rules about iPhone apps, some may have their own applications. Check your company’s rules before downloading and using an app that may make your job easier.

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