Simplifying Review Databases – Repository Hosting In A Secure Environment

TERIS understands the unique demands and processes legal teams require during litigation. As an alternative to in-house systems, TERIS simplifies online document management with complete hosting and repository solutions. Our systems allow us to quickly setup your database and deploy your case for review within hours instead of weeks. 

So what is database hosting? As a hosting provider TERIS is entrusted with data storage and provision from its clients, and hosting is the maintenance of that data. The end user is able to keep and access that data without worrying about its infrastructure or management. 

Our clients embrace a blend of industry leading software and professional services approach making us their one complete source for document management. With repository hosting and database services, legal teams are enabled with anytime-anywhere access to their case. Featuring secure and centralized remote access, our databases deliver “offline” access without the fear of compromising security. Real-time collaboration is made possible from anywhere in the world with Internet access to multiple team members simultaneously. 

In addition to software access, legal teams gain access to customized consulting and support from the TERIS Project Management team.  

There are many benefits from engaging TERIS for database and hosting solutions which range from managing conflicts of interest, the increased complexity in review databases, rising IT costs, and traditional resource constraints from retaining and managing the necessary licenses and processes in-house. 

When working with TERIS to meet your database and hosting needs for a matter, you benefit from our experience with loading processed data into a review platform, creating new database and users, running advanced searches and persistent hit highlighting, executing production set staging, creating document review batches and a number of other technical tasks that require both experience and attention to detail. 

Why law firms in-house corporate legal should host their data with TERIS 

  • TERIS allows multiple law firms to work within a database at the same time in a controlled environment 
  • TERIS hibernates datasets you are not using and promotes datasets that are relevant to your matter 
  • TERIS databases are on physical local offline servers unlike Relativity One 
  • TERIS hosting avoids duplicative environments and being double billed for the same datasets 
  • TERIS locks down permissions for a defensible work product 

Advanced Data Security Features 

  • Minimum 2048-bit RSA Public Key Encryption 
  • 128-bit Single Use Session Security 
  • Robust User Security – Restricting how users login and what they see 
  • Intruder Lockout Database Firewall 
  • No Risky Web Server 

A common question that arises is how private is the stored data? Confidentiality guidelines are specified in the hosting agreement between TERIS and the end client. In some cases, providers may be prevented from sharing data with third parties (such as advertisers), while other agreements may specify that providers are allowed access to view or share data under certain circumstances. This is one reason that reading the agreement over is so important. Privacy terms may also offer protection against e-discovery, or may include litigation as an “out” that negates other privacy practices. 

TERIS utilizes Relativity, Reveal, and LexisNexis-Concordance to bring review hosting services to a new level. We offer hosting capabilities for cases of all sizes and user licenses from a single user to hundreds of users.