Signs of economic recovery showing in divorce rate: Online filings increase noticeably at in 2010

Seattle, WA – August 30, 2010 – There are strong indications that Americans are feeling better about economic prospects and are showing it by filing for more divorces online in 2010 than in 2009. This is according to data from leading online divorce website In addition, only 17 percent of those filing for divorce in 2010 say that the economy had an impact on their decision to divorce, down significantly from 32 percent in 2009.

There is a clear correlation between attitudes surrounding the economy and the US divorce rate,” said Randolph Finney, CEO of “People seem more willing to live in unhappy situations when the economic climate is poor. This was especially compounded by the housing crisis as many couples were unable to sell their homes.”

Finney said that’s position as the leading destination for online divorce filings provides it with a unique perspective when it comes to measuring the economy.

Increases in Online Divorce Filings
From 2006 to 2008, divorce filings dropped by about a tenth of a percent per year, with a slight increase in 2009,” he said. “Online divorce filings mirrored that trend to a lesser degree, but so far in 2010, we’re seeing a noticeable increase in filings. This seems to indicate that perhaps those who were waiting before due to economic uncertainty are more willing to end their partnerships.” Finney further noted that online filings are almost certainly increasing more rapidly than the overall divorce rate. recently completed a survey of its users measuring the impact of the economy on the divorce decision-making process. According to the survey, in 2009, 32% of users indicated that the economy had impacted their decision to divorce and this year the number dropped to 17%. This shows that fewer couples have allowed the economic environment to influence their decision to file a divorce online. And as an interesting aside, despite recent publicity given to the topic, only 9% of the divorcing couples in the survey indicated that their decision had been impacted by social media, such as Facebook or MySpace.

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