Remote Forensic Data Collection & eDiscovery in an ESI Driven Matter

In modern litigation, the process of remote forensic collections has evolved from a convenience into an integral part of the forensic collection toolkit. Remote collection gives legal teams the ability to preserve a time-capsule of data, saving future costs, and reducing the risk of downstream issues.

However, without the latest technology and a process with forensic oversight, self-collection can lead to a range of problems including:

  • Loss of negotiating power
  • Possibility of being required to recollect data and the cost burden of recollection
  • Loss or change to meta-data limiting downstream functionality
  • Opens you up to a forensic investigation

When deployed properly remote forensic collection can effectively create a time-capsule that you can set aside for future review. The goal is to preserve broadly and quickly, providing counsel additional negotiating power. This sets the foundation for the matter and gives you the ability for date expansion and the ability to capture non-searchable data through casting a wide-net.

Stage 1: Discovery & Forensic Collections

Stage 2: Data Processing, Filtering & Preservation
Stage 3: Hosting for Document Review

TERIS has end to end forensically sound remote collection capabilities. We work directly with in-house counsel and legal teams tasked with electronic discovery, forensic data collections and investigations, data processing, review hosting and other managed legal services.

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