Realizing eDiscovery ROI With the Help of Technology, Workflows, and Project Management

In modern litigation, corporations and law firms need a technological advantage to manage and maneuver through all types of documents, both electronically stored information (ESI) and paper-based materials. Even with state-of-the art technology, workflow, project management, documentation, and information management procedures, the success of a project is dependent on a myriad of factors.  

In order to realize a substantial return on your investment, the application of intelligent analysis, processing, accurate searching, innovative culling tools, and productive review systems are key to securing the ROI your organization is after.  

It’s important to maintain this mix of best practices, sophisticated technology, and experienced subject matter experts to oversee the process. Technology provides the means for extracting data from large volumes of electronic documents, spreadsheets, emails, and a variety of other electronic case data. While project managers and eDiscovery specialists support the process through bringing together diverse technology backgrounds and legal experience to manage discovery and review in complex litigation cases. 

Various areas of the process that it’s important to manage and optimize to realize ROI include: 

  • Remote & onsite forensic data collection 
  • Maintaining structured and repeatable processes 
  • Ensuring review team case collaboration
  • Enabling advanced data dissection 
  • Securing systems and technology 
  • Managing the retrieval & analysis of ESI 
  • Implementing defensible culling Tools 
  • Maintaining total document control 
  • Ability to store cases for future litigation 
  • Running valuable reports and analytics 

At TERIS our consultants and project managers ensure that your project progresses at exactly the pace you require with a customized and adaptable plan.