Primer on Dark Data

Dark Data is all of the “non conventional” sources for data that are commonly overlooked in discovery. Dark data can be unstructured and a lot of the time can be a daunting unstructured repository of information assets. These types of data are similar to big data and are also a part of the bigger whole (Iot) but are considered dark data because of their tendency for going unnoticed.

In perspective to overall growth of big data and increasing use of cloud technology dark data continues to be one of the largest portions of a companies digital footprint.

People are using technology increasingly and as more apps and workflows come out that help enhance the efficiency within the workplace data will only rise. With Dark data consisting of a size-able portion of that, it is worth becoming familiar with to get a better control on your information. Here are a few commonly used types of dark data:

Meeting Recordings & Presentation Notes, Microsoft Teams, Slack Chat, iChat, Dropbox, Google Drive, CAD Files, Medical Imaging Files, Foreign Language Documents, Discord, & much more.

To learn more about Dark Data you can read The State of Dark Data by Splunk – A Global Survey of 1,300 Business and IT Leaders Reveals the Gap Between AI’s Potential and Today’s Data Reality

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