Outsourcing of Managed Reviews

It is said that the nature of change is such that if you do not strive to create change, it will eventually create you. The truth of this statement is very obvious in the technology-driven world of the twenty-first century, where the impact of ever-improving technology is forcing everything to change, and causing everyone to reinvent the manner in which they conduct their business.  As such, many professional sectors have found that they are not immune to this need for change, and the legal profession is no exception.

An increasing number of legal services and processes have been impacted by the technological advances being made available to them. As a result, many of these services change constantly, as new technological opportunities create new ways of doing business.

One such legal service that has noted significant change in recent times is the process of conducting managed reviews. In previous times law firms hired paralegals, junior lawyers and other such legal professionals to conduct this type of review. As such, the process of managed review was not only time consuming, but it was also quite costly.

The advent of technology, and subsequent advances in this area, has created a business environment where the world is a single global marketplace.  With this push toward a global community comes one of the most exciting changes in managed review for legal professionals: the trend towards outsourcing.

Many firms, as well as independent lawyers, have now begun to outsource their tasks that involve the performance of managed reviews. The outsourcing of these tasks ensures that the documents being reviewed are reviewed by professionals who have been specifically trained in the art of conducting managed reviews for the legal sector. Additionally, the outsourcing of managed reviews helps to reduce the number of personnel that a firm or an independent lawyer has to retain on the payroll. Finally, because these tasks are outsourced to companies that specialize in the provision of this service, managed reviews are conducted much more quickly. As such, outsourcing guarantees accuracy and efficiency, and is very cost-effective.

Another reason for the popularity of outsourcing, as it relates to the performance of managed reviews in the legal sector, is the fact that lawyers are provided with a wide variety of options in regards to the service provider with whom they choose to work. This is so as a result of the fact that lawyers and firms can select from a number of U.S. based companies, or they can outsource the task to companies based overseas in countries such as the Philippines and India. Additionally, those who choose to utilize the services of international companies may even find that they save money by doing so.

With these benefits it is very easy to see why outsourcing has become such a popular managed review option for players within the legal sector, and with the constant advances in technology shrinking the world a little more each day, the number of legal professionals turning to outsourcing can only be expected to increase.

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