Organization of Legal Professionals ( formed to drive eDiscovery Certification

It’s no secret that eDiscovery continues to grow. As it was noted in the recent Law Technology News article, “EDD SHOWCASE: Strange Times” By George Socha & Tom Gelbmann, there is an ever-growing need for professionals “who actually understand what is involved in handling electronic documents.” As this need continues to grow, there is concern that the current lack of standards and certification creates an unbalanced and inconsistent baseline from which to gauge experience and expertise in this field.

As a result of a crying need from judges, law firms and vendors alike, a new non-profit organization, The Organization of Legal Professionals ( has been formed for the purpose of providing an exacting and tough certification exam to establish core compentencies in eDiscovery.

The OLP ( has assembled a top notch roster for its Board of Governors and Advisory Council.

The Organization of Legal Professionals is looking for help from all associated with eDiscovery. It is looking for companies and individuals to join and support the cause and to help spread the word. As was noted in a recent article announcing the formation of the group, ” The lack of qualified people in the fastest growing arena of litigation is unprecedented. And now, there is a way to help manage and control the problem.”

More information about the Organization of Legal Professionals can be found in this article or though its website.

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