More Than Just a Fad: kCura's Relativity eDiscovery Software

The knowledge and content management magazine KMWorld listed Relativity, an eDiscovery platform developed by kCura, as a trend-setting product of 2012.  But Relativity is more than a trend.  This software has become a game-changer and labeling it as a trend elicits an impermanence that undermines the credit this product deserves.  Like the Ford Model T or the Internet, Relativity is establishing a precedent for the new era of eDiscoverydescribe the image

Even though this product has over 75,000 active end users, including the U.S. Department of Justice and 95 of the top 100 law firms in the U.S., according to KM World, Relativity still remains relatively unknown.  Relativity is a web-enabled discovery software aiding in the processing, review, analysis, and production of electronic documents. 

This is a revolutionary application that manages terabytes of data while simultaneously allowing users to customize a database for their needs. Specifically, this application allows an unprecedented efficiency with control in the hands of the user.

Joseph Cusumano, a litigation support manager at Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman, says the upgrades moved more of kCura’s powerful features into litigation support’s control. “‘We can quickly reallocate optical character recognition, production, and TIFFing without having to involve our IT administrators.  That’s really what raised my eyebrows,'” he says in the article. With kCura devoting itself to continuous evolution offering a groundbreaking product that stands on its own, it’s clear to see while certainly being trendsetting is complimentary, it just doesn’t do it justice.    

TERIS is a premiere partner of kCura with certifications in every Relativity module kCura offers. In fact, the same company that was responsible for developing the IT model for kCura Relativity designed the Relativity infrastructure for TERIS. The combination of TERIS’ Relativity Best in Service designation, along with the powerful benefits of Relativity, provide clients with more flexible workflow capabilities, making the platform stronger, faster, and even more powerful.

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