List of State Bar Associations with Links

List of Bar Associations by State with Links - Image of national data network infrastructure

Here is a comprehensive list of each State Bar Association and their respective website. Each state chapter listed below is part of the greater whole of the American Bar Association (ABA), one of the nations largest professional organizations and lawyer accreditation issuing agencies.

State Bar AssociationsWebsite
Alabama State Bar
Alaska State Bar
State Bar of
Arkansas Bar
State Bar of
Colorado Bar
Connecticut Bar
Delaware State
District of Columbia
Florida Bar
Georgia State
Hawaii State Bar
Idaho State Bar
Illinois State Bar
Indiana State
Iowa State Bar
Kansas Bar
Kentucky State
Louisiana State Bar
Maine State Bar
Maryland State Bar
Massachusetts Bar
State Bar of
Minnesota State Bar
State Bar of
Nebraska State Bar
State Bar of
New Hampshire Bar
New Jersey State Bar
State Bar of New
New York State Bar
North Carolina Bar
State Bar Association of North Dakota
Ohio State Bar
Oklahoma Bar
Oregon State
Pennsylvania Bar
Rhode Island State
State Bar of South
State Bar of South
Tennessee Bar
State Bar of
Utah State
Vermont Bar
Virginia State
Virgin Islands Bar
Washington State Bar
West Virginia State
Wisconsin Bar
Wyoming State

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