Legal Recruiters Expect 2010 Will Be a Busy Year

From ABA Law Journal:

The new year could bring more lateral movement among law firm partners, according to legal recruiters.Partners were reluctant to make a move in 2009, two legal recruiters told the Recorder. They expect that to change in 2010.Recruiter Stacy Miller Azcarate told the Recorder she expects a busy month, as she gets calls from lawyers who were waiting on compensation information.“Anybody who has been waiting to make a move will be ready once they know where the numbers are,” Azcarate told the publication. “I have so many people who have said, ‘I’m going to call you in January.’ “Recruiter Avis Caravello agrees that 2010 could be busier, according to the Recorder. “Firms are absolutely making plans for a recovery,” Caravello said. “Not a fast recovery, but a recovery nonetheless. This year, more than most, you’ll see an uptick in movement, but I don’t think it will be the catastrophic thing most people predicted, either.”

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