Leading eDiscovery Firm Changes its Name to TERIS After 13 Years, 6 New Offices and 3 Different Names

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Leading eDiscovery Firm Changes its Name to TERIS
After 13 Years, 6 New Offices and 3 Different Names

Company Grows From One Employee and Copy Machine to
Top Tech-Driven E-Discovery Firm in the Western US

Seattle, WA – February 2, 2009 – It began 13 years ago in Seattle in a small office with a single copy machine and one employee. The company steadily grew in its home market and expanded into other areas including the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Phoenix, and Austin. The company that began as American Legal Copy has grown to become the leading litigation support and eDiscovery services company in the Western United States, with more than 275 employees across six offices.

The company recently decided that the time was right for an important change that better signifies its core technology strengths and unites the offices under a new name – TERIS.

TERIS, which provides sophisticated e-discovery services to law firms and corporate legal teams, has grown organically and through industry-leading partnerships, with offices in four states. Its clients include many of the largest and most prestigious law firms and Fortune 500 companies in the country.

“We have seen an explosion in the demand for our eDiscovery services as legal professionals adapt to new federal requirements in this area,” said Stefan Wikstrom, Founder and CEO of TERIS. “Corporations and law firms alike require technological expertise to maneuver through the mountains of electronic and paper-based documents that come with the growing number of lawsuits stemming from the recent financial industry turmoil. We expect this growth to continue as we build one of the strongest eDiscovery teams in the industry. “

Wikstrom was among the first to recognize that sophisticated technologies would dramatically alter the legal support industry. He has since invested more than $1 million in litigation support technologies, including eDiscovery, document hosting, and digital forensics. TERIS has the power to process more than 63 million pages a week or the equivalent of one terabyte every two days. According to a study conducted by UC-Berkeley, roughly 50,000 trees would be required to create enough paper to hold a terabyte of information.

TERIS partners with leading technology providers, including IPRO Tech, Inc. and Clearwell Systems, Inc., to provide a broad range of eDiscovery services; such as culling through information to discover critical case facts in only hours or days, instead of days and weeks, as well as quickly eliminating irrelevant data. TERIS’ services range from sophisticated consulting, computer forensics and eDiscovery, document imaging, case repositories/hosting, and traditional services.

By outsourcing electronic and paper-based document management to TERIS, law firms and corporate legal teams realize significant savings and are confident they will receive the best solutions to match their specific needs. By using TERIS, law firms and corporate legal departments avoid buying expensive computer servers to host mountains of data that tie up their IT department’s resources, significantly reduce the time required to sift through electronic files, and save on wasted billable hours managing document reviews.

TERIS is uniquely positioned to address new challenges and opportunities within the emerging eDiscovery and related markets.

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Founded in 1996, TERIS (previously known as ALC Legal Technologies, DupLEX Legal Discovery Solutions, and Digital Discovery Solutions), provides legal support and sophisticated eDiscovery solutions to law firms and corporate legal teams across the U.S. and internationally. TERIS’ staff of more than 275 was named one of the top 20 eDiscovery service providers by industry researcher Socha-Gelbmann in 2008.

TERIS currently has offices in Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Phoenix, and Austin. The company operates a free job board for the legal community at www.discoverlegaljobs.com

To learn more about TERIS, visit www.discoverteris.com

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