Law Firms: Technology Trends

In today’s world, law firms must keep up with technology trends if they want to stay innovative.

Clients are very savvy about technology and expect their legal teams to be up to date.  Here are some of the current trends in technology:

Smartphones, including the BlackBerry and iPhone, have become common tools for lawyers who need a mobile platform for instant communication and a resource for information; in some instances, smartphones can stand in for a laptop with the multitude of applications available

Social media plays a role in attracting new business and retaining existing clients; Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are great ways to share information to a broad audience

Client-focused technology – simply put, law firms and clients must have collaborative resources; customers have preferences for sending and receiving documents, electronic billing, and access to documents, and it is in the best interest of the legal world to adapt to their clients’ needs

Software as a service is the practice of using a third party provider to host data and software as a web application; this service is cost efficient and convenient, however there are some concerns about confidentiality and privacy of data

Budget constraints have forced many firms to audit their current practices and find ways to reduce costs and streamline processes; in the long run, this can help firms be more productive, creative, and use time efficiently.

E-Discovery is perhaps the biggest technology trend for law firms.  However, the term “trend” is a misnomer, as e-discovery shows no signs of tapering off.  It is already having a huge impact on the way lawyers prepare for trials, exchange and store information, and generally conduct business.  E-discovery is still a relatively new process and as the legal world works to adjust to the new format, firms who embrace the new technology will surely find success.

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