Laid-Off Lawyers and Other Professionals

Excellent post today on, “Laid off lawyers and other professionals”

Writer E. Kinney Zalesne discusses the broad impact that the loss of these kinds of jobs have on the economy both locally (in cities such as San Francisco, New York and Boston) but also nationally. It is rightly pointed out that these are unprecedented times given the shift of labor in our work force (the move towards professional positions – especially among women).

An excerpt:

We don’t know how deep this recession will be and how much of this class will be wiped out. At first the idea of “laid-off lawyers” seems like the butt of a joke. “About time they got theirs,” many people will say to themselves. But it’s not a laughing matter to the hundreds of thousands of people and their families in all the professions who worked and studied hard to get to the next level in life, only to have their jobs and careers wiped out along with so many others.

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