Just for fun: How times have changed

Check out this article from the Puget Sound Business Journal in October, 2001. The company was still called American Legal Copy (which then became ALC Legal Technologies before we switched to TERIS in January).

It’s amazing to see how much has changed within the legal industry in such a short period of time.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Litigation leads to growth at legal-copy company

Law firms and corporate legal departments turn to American Legal Copy for help

Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) –

by George Erb Staff Writer

Folding handcarts are kept behind a door, always at the ready, at the downtown Seattle office of American Legal Copy LLC.

Workers regularly stack cardboard bankers boxes on the carts, push their loads into the elevator and go down to the street, where they deliver the life blood of the litigation industry – copies of thousands of pages of legal documents.

Litigation is a growth industry. And so, as it turns out, is legal copying. Between 1998 and 2000, American Legal’s annual revenues increased 106 percent to $5 million, making it one of the state’s fastest-growing private companies.

“I don’t see us slowing down,” said Stefan Wikstrom, a founder and a managing partner of the company. “There’s always going to be lawsuits.”

American Legal’s customers are downtown law firms and corporate legal departments, which frequently handle lawsuits that can fill entire shelves with legal documents.

Many firms used to run their own copy rooms. Increasingly, however, copy companies like American Legal are offering firms an alternative to buying their own copy machines and hiring the staff to operate the equipment. Indeed, Seattle’s legal-copy market is growing by 15 percent a year, American Legal executives estimate.

Read the rest of the article here.

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