Job hunting tips for legal professionals

Finding a job in the legal industry can be as stressful as finding any other job. Whether you are seeking a career as a lawyer or paralegal, check out the following tips before visiting your future employer.

1. Make sure you have a great cover letter. Employers see many cover letters a day, so yours should stand out. Spotlight your education and professional experiences. Tell them all of your qualifications and why you would be an asset to the law firm.

2. Have an excellent resume. Tailor the resume toward what the law firm is looking for. It also helps to have your resume as well as your cover letter checked for grammar errors and typos.

3. Network, network, network! It helps to know someone in the legal industry who can refer you with confidence to another employer. Meet as many people in your industry of choice as you can. You never know when he or she can refer you to a future job. Also, it helps to be well-acquainted with the law school career center programs at your law school (if there is one). The employees at career center programs want nothing more than students from their schools to find the job of their dreams. And there are some great professional recruiters who focus in this area – do some research via LinkedIn and find some who are ultra connected and then link with them. 

4. Appear as professional as possible at your interview. So you’ve finally gotten the big interview? Great! Now it’s time to shine. Before your interview, think of any questions you may be asked so you can prepare for how to answer them. When you go in for the interview, dress as professional as possible and carry all of your credentials with you. Having an extra resume or two on hand is also not a bad idea. After the interview, give a follow-up call or email to the recruiter.

5. Use technology – there are some great legal job sites available (such as our own that can help you find open positions.

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