Is the legal community Tweeting? You bet it is!

Do you know what your peers are up to? Thanks to Twitter, you can keep up with your peers and all the latest happenings in the legal industry (or any industry) with constantly updated “tweets.” Many use the social networking site to even network, gaining more connections in the legal field.

If you’re not on Twitter yet or are on Twitter and looking for interesting legal industry related professionals to follow, you can start with LexTweet at This website is a community of legal-minded Twitter users called “Tweeters.” As the site says, “discover legal professionals you don’t already know.”

While some of the Tweeters post random comments about going to a meeting or sitting in a traffic, most post links to articles they have read or even ask questions to the community.
Visit LexTweet’s site to learn more about its ten most interesting Tweeters, or check out these several users that we found interesting:

1.kasesq94 recently asked on Twitter what you would do when your bank will not finance more than four properties.

2.IntegreonEDD shared the article “When E-Discovery Is Used as a Weapon” with the community. He also posted a link to the article “Conference at Duke University – Show Us the Love to Avoid Discovery Fights, Attorneys Urge.”

3.One Tweeter, nycourtreporter, even tweeted about what business services his company provides to let the community know.

Of course, there are many other tweets as the site is constantly updated. Expect at least ten new messages every time you refresh the page.

Missing out on Twitter? Sign up easily at You can even update your profile with a simple text message. Stay connected with your friends or meet new ones with this exciting resource. All you have to do is signup and check the site for new “tweets” by fellow members of Twitter. And you can follow TERIS on Twitter at

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