Information Governance: Ignorance Is Not Bliss (New White Paper)

As tempting as it may be to brush your Information Governance responsibility under the rug, failing to properly assess your information management and governance requirements appropriately can lead to liabilities, sanctions, and a number of other costly and significant penalties, not the least of which is losing relevance in the eyes of the modern market and your immediate customers.

Information Governance Future Tech PredictionsTERIS is introducing a new whitepaper series to help legal professionals realize what’s coming… and coming fast… so they can get their provisions lined up accordingly. Here’s a quick look at what the series will be addressing:

Part I: Integrated Computing Platforms: Trading Traditional Data Centers for Infrastructure as a Service

  • Defining thin, zero and cloud client services infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

  • Understanding the benefits and barriers of adopting these new technologies

  • Looking at the industry impact of data stored in the cloud, and what this means for meeting future IG and eDiscovery needs

Part II: Today’s Computers Are an Endangered Species (Coming soon)

  • Why desktop computers are becoming extinct, and why laptops are moving toward the endangered species list

  • How this shift toward cloud-based interactions affects the world of IG and eDiscovery in terms of where data is now stored and how it can be collected

  • Understanding the challenges and benefits of moving toward a tablet-based computing world

Part III: Social Media Will Take Over the World (Coming soon)

  • The entire world is taking a more reward-based collaborative interaction (RBCI) approach toward business, both personally and professionally

  • Examining the benefits and challenges involved in User Experience Platform-as-a-Service (UxPaaS)

  • Making UxPaas work for you when the majority of businesses fail to realize the potential in embracing this approach. 

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