Information Governance: 3 Initial Steps on the Way to Success

Lately, the phrase “information governance” has become one of those buzzwords that people toss around an awful lot without necessarily knowing exactly what it entails. Information Governance (“IG”) is more than virtual archives for old data or having rules about what employees can and cannot access from their work computers. Rather, IG is an enterprise-wide strategy and accountability framework for the management of all of an organization’s data – paper and electronic – not just a few aspects of a company’s data footprint.

Why does IG matter at all? Quite simply, today’s businesses operate in the era of big data where data volumes are growing exponentially and organizations are struggling to effectively manage it. The “Keep everything” mindset puts organizations on an unsustainable path.

Mike Frazier, TERIS Director, Information Governance

For more information about how TERIS can consult with you to create an information governance strategy please contact Mike at 512.476.3371, or [email protected].

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