Manage your risk keyboard key fingerFrom FINRA disclosures to complex commercial litigation, industry experts can assist with a winning data strategy and limit exposure during the discovery process.

Outside counsel can sometimes be at the mercy of its client’s network infrastructure and document retention policies when it comes to Data Mapping and Litigation Readiness. Parties may find themselves in a nightmare scenario if they do not know exactly where potentially relevant data resides and how it is preserved.

It is not always the best strategy to rely solely on a client’s IT Department when it comes to figuring out where email and other ESI is hiding. Often times (at no fault of IT), corporate networks can resemble the “Wild West” for many reasons including…

  • Individual permissions to save and customize email locally on workstations
  • Unknown/unauthorized archiving on shared/hidden folders
  • Use of personal email accounts
  • Outsourced IT vendor involvement
  • Cloud-based communications and applications

In How to Manage Litigation Cost and Risk While Maintaining Consistent Results – Part 2 we will discuss the benefits of bringing in a neutral 3rd party expert who can help manage the first few steps to Identify, Preserve and Collect client data with consistent results.

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