Florida Chief Justice Issues Updated Direction for Local and County Courts Returning to Jury Trials

The Supreme Court of Florida

Chief Justice Charles Canady has issued updates to two prior standing administrative orders (AOSC20-23 & AOSC20-32) which originally provided the guidelines that state courts were operating under during the pandemic. In addition there is a now a “best practices” memorandum which provides further clarity into new court processes. The biggest addition being the new provision dictating that individual counties and local trial courts will resume based on their respective conditions rather than a state wide opening.

Administrative Order AOSC20-23
Allows local chief judges to determine when a local and county courts have effectively transitioned into the second phase and can resume jury trials.

Download Resource: Supreme Court of Florida Administrative Order Number AOSC20-23 Amendment 2 In Re: Comprehensive COVID-19 Emergency Measures for the Florida State Courts

Updated Administrative Order AOSC20-32
Provides guidelines for state courts to move into Phase 2. Phase 2 is defined as limited in-person contact is authorized for certain purposes in the state courts and may require protective measures.


Updated “Best Practices” Memorandum.
Originally issued in early May the guidelines include guidance on jury management, evidence management and trial prioritization. The Chief Justice is directly advised by the COVID-19 Workgroup which was developed by health authorities to help create these plans.

Download Resource: Guidance and Best Practice Materials Memorandum

For additional resources around Florida courts please visit https://www.floridasupremecourt.org/Emergency

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